This is what you need

After working with VoIP phone systems when fast speed Internet and broadband first appeared in Australia there are now solutions which give small to medium businesses what THEY REALLY WANT.

Softphone Applications replace Complex Handsets

Although physical IP Handsets might look good on an office desk they can be complicated to configure, cost a lot of money and need to be connected via a network cable to be most effective.

These can all be replaced by a softphone application running on your device.

CloudPBX Configuration

The established telecommunications companies hire expensive sales people and technicians who’s job is to do the work for you but they cost a LOT of money and most businesses already have someone who is VERY IT Savvy to help them.

You can now do all of this yourself

Phone Numbers are Cheap

You can now get a landline number for under $3 per month and only pay for the calls you use at low rates – even to mobile number.

Technical Support

Technical support is now handled for you by the software company that has a global footprint. Get your “tech savvy” person to reach out for any help you need.

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