Voicemail-to-email2-300x183One of the best ways to ensure that a caller always makes contact is to have a voicemail service. Tradition voicemail services require you to dial-in to a central number to retrieve your messages but this often automated using a designated key on the IP Handset.

As end users become more confident with the features of hosted PBX telephone systems and features like softphones on their smart phones they realise that voicemail messages are simply audio files that can be emailed to them as an audio attachment. This means they can be saved and forwarded to other team members.

With voicemail-to-email you’ll get your office phone voicemail to email messages even if you are out and especially if you receive your emails on your mobile phone.

Small business phone systems offer this feature as standard.

Voicemail to SMS

There are always issues with every solution and the main issues with voicemail messages arriving as email include:

  • Email issues
  • Having an application on your device that can play the audio file

Another alternative is to have voicemail message stay on the hosted PBX server with a long and unique file name and a text message with a link to it. This can be faster, more efficient and avoid technical road blocks associated with sending and receiving emails. 



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CloudPBX manages your business calls virtually

CloudPBX-LogoAll of this functionality is available with the CloudPBX and enables you to have remote workers all connected to your enterprise business telephone system.

VoIP Business Telephone System Handsets

Small-Business-VoIP-Telephone-System-HandsetsVoIP handsets enable your small business to take advantage of the functionality and flexibility of a hosted CloudPBX. These handsets can be located in remote offices like staff or contractors homes or even interstate or international offices.

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Business Telephone System Call Flow Scenarios

Business-Telephone-System-Call-Flow-Configurations-smallestDo you want to see how most people handle the calls with their business telephone system? These call flow scenarios enable you to quickly choose from the most common choices and can help you get a good solution quickly.

Business Telephone System Scenarios

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