Existing phone system

If you have invested thousands of dollars in your existing telephone system and had a specialist configure exactly how you want the calls to be handled you might not want to go through the whole exercise again to buy a brand new phone system just to save money on calls. If the phone system is old it might only have PSTN connection and not the latest connections that enable you to use VoIP.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone and luckily there is a quick and reasonably cheap solution that enables you to save money on your outgoing call costs and its called the PAP2 from Cisco. It is commonly called an AT adapter to IT and VoIP professionals and essentially enables you to send all your calls out of your system using this device by connecting the device to your standard PSTN connections. PSTN is the name given to your standard Telstra phone connection.

Read more about the PAP2 device and you’ll discover the easiest way to add VoIP functionality to your existing telephone system.