Other Call Plans

Stratus Call Plan

$14.95 per VoIP Number per month

Line Subscription

This call plan was created to provide a large range of services for a predictable monthly fee. VIRION phone numbers come with no contract unless you use us to finance the cost of your business telephone system.

COST: $14.95 + GST per month

Call Costs

Stratus Call Plan with Direct Debit authority.

Calls to local numbers 10c untimed
Calls to national landlines 10c untimed
Calls from extension to extension FREE
Calls to Australian mobile numbers 20c per minute billed by the second and no flag-fall
Popular International DestinationsCharged by the minute China 3.9c Singapore 2.9c UK 2.9c USA 2.9c New Zealand 2.9c Hong Kong 2.9c Taiwan 2.9c Canada 2.1c