Linksys SPA942 IP Phone Handset


Refurbished Linksys SPA942 Telephone Handset & power supply

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Phone Configuration

Configuring the SPA-942 was very simple and easy using Linksys’ own built-in web interface. The phone takes about 10-15 seconds to reboot when the initial proxy, registration and subscriber information are set. We definitely appreciated the short wait.


This phone is very easy to use. Most of the important features and functions are quickly accessible using the context sensitive soft keys or the dedicated hard keys. There is a dedicated voicemail button (a small envelope), which many other business VoIP phones don’t have.

The dedicated settings button leads to 18 selections, but because the display is big enough so that you can see 4 selections at once, it does not feel like a hassle looking for what you need.

The display itself is very high quality and the accompanying backlight, which lights up each time you press a button or pick up the handset, is one of the best backlights we’ve ever seen on a monochrome LCD. We like how easy it is to access the directory, which can hold up to 100 numbers, and how easy it is to change entries and customize ring tones for different numbers so users know who’s calling before even looking.

We also really like the large voicemail indicator, a large light at the top of the phone that turns bright red when you have a message.

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